A 5-step guide to keep your Kids’ Summer-Smile healthy

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Summer Season is the most exciting period for kids everywhere. The anticipation of a break from school, no homework, and fun with friends is what makes it exciting! But we as parents need to see the bigger picture. They will be all smiles but to nurture and care for their smiles is our responsibility. Here are few tips to keep your Kid’s Summer Smile healthy.


Brushing: Can’t forget this important activity, can we? The first thing any kid would want to do after he/she gets up is, go out to play. And most of the times, these naughty souls always get away with it!
Here’s what you parents can do. Rewarding your kids for following a healthy dental routine can work wonders. After all summer season is a month of rewards. But we will get to the part where rewarding your kid shouldn’t go overboard. Also, brushing every day is not enough, but brushing twice a day is what matters!
Healthy Snack options: Outdoor activities and snacks are the perfect partners for kids everywhere during the summer season. Snacking on junk food can be hazardous to our oral and dental hygiene.
Also, stocking your fridge with healthy food can ensure your kids have optimum oral health. Furthermore, for kids who tend to stay back home and munch on unhealthy snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables serve as a good option. Storing them in a small tiffin or a case can easily help your kids munch on the right snack during the summer season. These fruits and vegetables can keep your kids’ teeth and gums healthy.
Exchange sports drink with water: Quenching their thirst can lead them to drink plenty of unwanted sugary sports drinks. These drinks contain sugar and every sip leads to an acid attack inside the mouth.
When such sugary drinks get in contact with the tooth plaque, acid attack takes place. Hence, substituting sugary packaged drinks with water or coconut water or fresh fruit juices is the best way to ensure your kids’ summer smile stays in good shape.


Use of Mouth guard: Kids’ these days look forward to engaging themselves in sports and a mouth guard can do a whole lot of good. A mouth guard lessens the risk of oral injuries and brings stability to the teeth and jaws. There are various other benefits which you can read here.


Secret is Moderation: Golas, mangoes, sweets, sugary drinks and Ice Creams are what makes the summer season bliss, especially for kids! But here’s the truth. Anything in excess does more harm than good. Hence, ensuring we keep a tab on what and how much our kids consume is of prime importance. Remember that activities and food choices are all fun and acceptable when in moderation.

While these tips can set your kids summer smile on the right track, don’t forget to get your kids for a dental check-up.


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