Differences in the Oral Health of Men & Women

Women are more proactive than men in maintaining their teeth and gums. That’s right!  As per new research published in the April Journal of Periodontology.


Read on to discover how the differences pan out:

Women experience sudden spikes in oral issues
Women only go through different phases like pregnancy and menopause which are characterized by hormonal changes and fluctuations. This sudden spike in hormones can lead to a change in their oral health. Nearly 75% of women develop gingivitis while expecting and some also experience burning mouth syndrome while going through menopause. Visiting the dentist is during this period is an effective way to curb these issues.

Men experience more upsets
Studies show that more men are involved in sports which involve physical contact as compared to women. To name a few, cricket, football or even gymming. Hence, the chances of chipping, cracking and losing teeth increases. These chances increase exponentially when men do not wear a mouth guard. Hence, it is always advisable to wear a mouth guard which can be easily fabricated by your dentist. It is the best way to protect your teeth from damage.

Women brush more than men
Yes! A study indicates that women are over 8% more likely to brush their teeth than men.
Men may skip brushing their teeth here and there but women are more careful and vigilant when it comes to their oral health.

Seeing the Dentist more often
Women tend to visit their dentist more often as compared to men. This is not only limited to visiting but also booking a follow up appointment. Men on the other hand, tend to visit the dentist only when an issue arises. Now, this factor is one of the notable differences between men’s and women’s oral health.

Men face more dental issues
Because men visit the dentist rarely, it is inevitable that dental issues will be at your doorstep. Hence, diseases such as gum disease, decay, oral cancer and other oral health issues can go unnoticed.

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