Single Tooth Replacement

Advantages of implant supported crown over bridge

  • Preserves your healthy teeth—no grinding required on adjacent teeth.
  • Bone integrity is preserved for long-lasting esthetics.
  • Long-term solution – often for life.

Stabilise Your Dentures With Implants – Yet They Are Removable

Implant Secured Dentures – Benefits

  • Improved quality of life and appearance.
  • Better chewing efficiency.
  • Improved speech.
  • Increased level of comfort.
  • Improved confidence.

Implant Supported Fixed Prosthesis

The Dental Spa offers amazing solutions for you, even if all your teeth are missing. Implant supported fixed bridge is a brilliant alternative to dentures.

They can replace everything you have lost-from a beautiful smile, to the ability to eat what you want!


CT Guided Implants

A CT guided implant surgery is enabled by the use of the patient’s CT images to plan implant surgery through a computer software.


  • Accurate and Sutureless
  • Bloodless and Painless