We, at The Dental Spa, understand that children have a different perspective towards dentistry compared to adults. Thus, we study their psychology to analyse their dental needs and work towards providing the best dental care. Prevention is better than cure! We offer certain preventive treatments which are done in kids to prevent tooth decay.

Fluoride Therapy

It involves the application of a thin coat of fluoride either in the form of a varnish or a gel, which allows and facilitates the remineralisation of demineralised enamel, thus fortifying the tooth against decay.

Pit And Fissure Sealants

Sealant is a clear or tooth colored resin material flowed into the pits and fissures of posterior (back) teeth. This coating forms a protective shield that prevents food and plaque from getting lodged into the tiny pits and grooves on the tooth surface, thus reducing the risk of decay. Sealants are usually applied on premolars and molars in kids and adolescents.

Pulp Therapy

Deciduous/milk teeth lay the foundation for the permanent teeth.If your child has healthy milk teeth then the chances of your child having healthy  permanent teeth are increased.If a milk tooth has a big carious lesion because of which the nerve is infected,it requires pulp therapy(pulpotomy/pulpectomy).

Extraction And Space Maintenance

We believe in saving natural teeth.Thus, extraction is our last option in the treatment plan.But, if the child loses a tooth/teeth due to some unavoidable condition, it is important for us to maintain the space previously occupied by the lost tooth/teeth and guide the newly erupting permanent tooth/teeth in their precise positions and avoid crowding.

Tooth Crowns / Caps

After your child’s tooth is invaded by an infection that attacks the nerve,it is necessary to protect or save the tooth with procedures like pulpotomy or pulpectomy.Once the infection is removed, it is necessary to restore the strength of the tooth with metal caps for posterior teeth and strip crowns for anterior teeth.

Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics

Timely intervention during childhood can prevent or intercept the full blown manifestation of malocclusion.Use of HABIT BREAKING APPLIANCES can help correct habits like mouth breathing,thumb sucking,lip biting, tongue thrusting,etc. which can have deleterious effects on your child’s dentition and facial appearance.

Sleep Dentistry

If your child is too young to have the cognitive ability to understand and accept extensive dental therapy or is overtly anxious and cannot sustain accepting dental treatment in the dental chair,then you may consider the treatment under sedation or general anesthesia.

Diet Counseling

A child needs to be taught the importance of a healthy diet, and the detrimental effects of unhealthy,junk food on their teeth and general health.A well timed diet counselling session can go a long way in changing his food habits for the better and thus, help keep his teeth healthy.