Importance of Flossing!


Brushing your teeth is not the only way you can protect your oral environment, flossing is crucial too.

While brushing your teeth gets rid of the buildup on the smooth surface of your teeth, there are bits of food, and sugar from drinks that remain in the gaps between your teeth, or at the very back of your mouth. These types of situations when not treated properly lead to cavities, and serious dental problems.

Read on to comprehend the importance of flossing, and mouthwash-


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Importance of Flossing:

Flossing helps to clean the proximal surfaces of your teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach. We recommend regular flossing for immaculate oral hygiene maintenance.


1. Removes Plague and Tartar buildup

When we chew food, some bits get stuck in the gaps between our teeth where the bristles of our toothbrush are unable to reach. The result of which is plaque and tartar. Thus, floss daily not just to remove the food particles, but to get rid of the plaque and tartar buildup.


2. Reduces Bacteria

Bacteria starts building up when the food particles in the gaps between your teeth are not cleaned. Flossing not only removes the food particles, but also helps get rid of the bacteria. This helps in reducing bad breath caused by the bad bacteria.


3. Makes your teeth look brighter

Flossing regularly will make your teeth look white and shiny. Staining occurs when plaque buildup on the teeth is not treated for a long time. By flossing you can remove the stubborn spots and food particles providing a cleaner, healthier smile.


Brushing, when complemented with flossing makes for a fantastic duo! A regular dental care routine with this fantastic duo will definitely get you a healthy oral environment.

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