Teeth whitening: All about it

‘A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.’

An attractive smile is what attracts others towards you. Let your smile be the brightest always.

If you are not completely satisfied with your smile and desire a brighter one, try whitening. Here is all that you need to know about teeth whitening:

  1. Tooth whitening is an incredibly effective way to lighten or altogether eliminate stains and achieve a brighter
  2. When it comes to teeth whitening, there are two options, in-office whitening and home care whitening.

In-office whitening

It is done in the dental office by your dentist and helps to whiten your teeth faster. The bleaching solution is usually much stronger than at-home kits. Also a special light at a specific wavelength is used to accelerate and intensify the whitening process.

It generally helps teeth get three to eight shades brighter in around 60 minutes.

-Home whitening

  • Tray-based tooth bleaching systems: With this teeth whitening option, a mouth guard-like tray is filled with a bleaching gel and placed over the teeth for a couple of hours a day for up to four weeks. You can buy tray-based tooth whitening systems over-the-counter or have one custom made by your dentist.
  • Tooth whitening toothpastes: Tooth-whitening toothpastes are relatively inexpensive and brighten teeth by about one shade. Some whitening toothpastes contain peroxides, but they aren’t left on the teeth long enough to have a whitening benefit. As they’re mildly abrasive, this toothpaste helps remove stains from the teeth.
  1. Whether you use in-office teeth whitening or home care whitening, there are some tips to maintain the whitening:

Avoid acidic and tannin-rich foods and beverages such as:

  • Black coffee and tea
  • Red wine
  • Sports drinks
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Berries and other strongly-colored foods
  1. Consult your dentist before going for teeth whitening. Tooth bleaching can make teeth temporarily sensitive or be uncomfortable for those with already sensitive teeth. If home kits are used incorrectly, they can lead to chemical burns on your gums.

We hope you are now fully aware about teeth whitening.

If you wish to brighten your teeth, The Dental Spa is here for you. Keep smiling!