Straight Talk about Straight Teeth

April 27

The benefits of having a straight smile can go beyond aesthetic reasons. Straight teeth can benefit you in ways you couldn’t have imagined. In fact, those who have straight teeth tend to enjoy more than they realize. In this article, we shall dwell over the bigger picture. We shall see how straight teeth can help you maintain optimum oral and overall health.


Clear Speech: Effective communication is very important. Crooked teeth can sometimes or in certain cases cause speech impediment. This tends to affect one’s performance due to low confidence during presentations, at school or the workplace or even while socializing.


Straight teeth mean healthy teeth and gums: Straight teeth tend to develop fewer cavities and are less likely to have dental issues as compared to those that are misaligned. Crowded or crooked teeth can lead to swollen, red, bleeding gums as brushing and maintaining oral health becomes difficult.

Thus, a healthy gum and aligned teeth set mean, one can effectively chew anything they want.


Better Bite: An overbite or an underbite can cause excessive wear of your teeth. This could also lead to jaw-joint problem and in a worst-case scenario, breathing problem.


Lower-Risk for Accidents: It is always advisable to wear a mouth guard while engaging in sports activities. However, wearing one becomes difficult, especially when the teeth are not straight.
Malaligned and proclined teeth are more prone to fracture or crack during accidents or falls. Read more about the importance of wearing a mouth guard.


Live longer: Studies have proven that flossing daily helps you live longer. However, flossing is fun only when you have a set of straight teeth. Flossing through a set of crooked or crowded teeth can be difficult. Bad oral and dental health could lead to coronary artery diseases. Straight teeth are easier to clean and hence it ultimately avoids gum disease and heart diseases too!


Finally, a straight smile can work wonders when it comes to confidence and can lead to greater social ease and feeling of self-esteem.


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