How to maintain great oral hygiene with braces?

A smile can change everything. Braces are an ally that helps you get that perfect smile and a good alignment. But not a very easy task, especially with the hassles of keeping a good oral hygiene.


Today, we will talk about ways in which you can maintain good oral hygiene with braces.

Putting on braces is a long-time commitment. One needs to devote some time to maintain their oral hygiene while undergoing orthodontic treatment. After all, your braces will give you that perfect smile. Hence, keeping a kit ready will always be advisable.


To begin with, one will need a toothbrush, which can run through the braces. You will find this at any chemist, online shopping portals or better yet, seek advice from your dentist regarding the same. Inter dental brushes help you access hard to reach areas, e.g. between the teeth. They are also very helpful when cleaning between the braces and under the orthodontic arch wire.


Yes, flossing is pivotal when it comes to maintaining a good oral hygiene with the braces on. Again, your dentist will suggest a floss which can maneuver around your wires.

-Use a Water Flosser

Using a water flosser/ water pik at least once a day, will help to flush out the plaque and food debris accumulated between your teeth, around your brackets and along the gum margins. This will help to keep the cavities at bay and ensure healthy teeth and gums.

-Use a fluoridated mouthwash

Using a fluoridated anti plaque mouthwash is often recommended in patients who find it difficult to maintain their oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment.


Following the below steps in the said order will ensure optimal oral hygiene:

  • Clean in between
  • Floss once a day
  • Brush after every meal
  • Check your smile with pride

We hope that these steps aid you and your braces.


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