Is Dental Fear Real?

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Yes, many people have Dental Anxiety or Dental Phobia, but you need not worry; we are here to help.
Did you know that dental anxiety and dental phobia is not the same thing? Dental anxiety is where a patient has an uneasiness about his/her dental appointments. On the other hand, dental phobia is an intense and unreasonable fear of the dentist. If you suffer from either of these conditions we can help put you at ease when you visit us.

The common dental fears are:

  • Fear of pain: People who have had prior bad experiences at the dentist are more likely to feel pain, and suffer from dental anxiety.
  • Fear of embarrassment: Dentist must get into your personal space for dental treatments. For some people, it may be uncomfortable having a stranger so close to them if their teeth are in poor condition.
  • Fear of loss of control: Some people get stressed if they feel they have no control over their circumstances.


4 Ways to tackle your dental fear:

  • Find the root cause: To face your fear, first find out the root cause – why you are suffering from the dental fear. Is this related to the bad past experiences with the dentist OR are you embarrassed with the state of your teeth? Whatever it is, understand the root cause because this is one of the most direct and easy methods of dealing with your dental fear.
  • Talk to your Dentist: Set up a meeting with your dentist prior to the appointment. Build a rapport and trust with your dentist, talk about your fear and previous dental experiences. Discuss your treatment options in detail so that you are aware of the procedures that you may require.
  • Social Support: Take your friends or family, whom you trust, for the meeting with the dentist. This will ease your level of fear as you get their support while the Dentist performs the procedure.
  • Practice Relaxation Techniques: Relaxation techniques may help you to stay calm at the time of treatment. One of the best ways to relax is to control your breathing which involves taking a big breath and letting it out very slowly. You may also listen to some calming and soothing music to help you relax and slow your heartbeat.


If you are suffering from dental anxiety or dental phobia and haven’t been to the dentist in a while, visit The Dental Spa and allow us to take good care of your oral health and reduce your fear of the dentist!