Has cleaning your dentures been a troublesome task?

March 07

Dentures are a removable replacement of one’s missing teeth. There are two types, partial and complete. Complete Dentures are used when all natural teeth are missing; whereas partial dentures are used when a few natural teeth are missing.

Irrespective of the type of denture you use, it becomes very important to keep them clean and in a good condition. After all, it’s something that keeps you smiling.

This blog will give you a thorough understanding of what needs to done and when. Read on!

Soaking your dentures overnight: Dentures are brittle and hence they need to be kept moist to maintain their shape. Placing the denture in a mild denture-soaking solution or water should serve the purpose well.

Brushing dentures at least daily: Like natural teeth, dentures are no different when it comes to cleaning them after meals. While soaking them helps to be in optimum condition, brushing them gently with a nonabrasive denture-cleaner helps remove food particles, deposits, and plaque. If you use denture adhesive, ensure you remove any denture adhesive you might have placed while placing the denture.

Cleaning your mouth: While cleaning the dentures is important, cleaning your mouth is equally important. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean your natural teeth, tongue, cheeks and roof of your mouth.

Stubborn stains or tartar: Incase such a situation arises, please visit your dentist. Your dentist will help clean these stains or tartar build up with the right tools and materials.

Use precautions while cleaning: Dentures are brittle and need extra care while cleaning. Dropping them may cause them to crack. It is always a good idea to clean them over a bowl of water or a soft towel. Even in a situation where you drop your denture, it will always have a soft landing, thanks to the precautionary measures.

Avoid bleach or whitening toothpaste: Your prostheses are not compatible with the likes of cleaning agents like bleach or even teeth whitening toothpaste. Bleach is too harsh and can weaken and wear off your dentures.

While these above tips can help you a lot, we at The Dental Spa go an extra mile when it comes to keeping your oral and dental hygiene in great shape.

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