Are your teeth wedding ready?

The coming months being the grand season of weddings, the pomp and splendor, the authentic delicacies and desserts are going to be overflowing. Are your teeth ready to greet the festive occasion of weddings?

It’s everyone’s dream to look their best on this special day and you are no different. Let your teeth sparkle like diamonds and your smile shine with happiness. Wondering how?  Here are 5 tips to get your teeth wedding ready:

Wedding Season, Wedding Teeth, The Perfect Smile

  1. Professional cleaning: Your smile is the most important accessory on this special day. Get your teeth cleaned & polished by your dentist to have a stain free, beautiful smile.
  1. Whitening: Get a brighter, sparkling smile in exchange for an hour at the dental office. Nothing makes you look prettier in your photographs more than a pretty smile!
  1. Cavity check: Get your teeth checked and restored if required before your special day. You definitely do not want to scream in pain while relishing the desserts. A cavity check is a must, go for it.
  1. Chipped tooth: A chipped or broken tooth can be painful, distracting and unaesthetic. Get it treated and look your best on this day.
  1. Treat the gaps: If you have gaps between your front teeth, don’t ignore them. There are multiple ways by which those gaps can be reduced/ camouflaged. Visit your dentist & change your smile!

We hope these 5 tips make your teeth and smile wedding ready.

Enhance your smile with the excellent services offered at ‘The Dental Spa’. We promise to make your smile fabulous on your special day!