7 ways to make kids fall in love with Dental Care

Tooth decay and other painful dental problems are due to lack of proper oral care. Most of us adults admit that we weren’t given the proper guidelines for dental care as kids. It is now our time to make kids love dental care and have healthier teeth.


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Here are 7 ways to make oral care fun for kids:

1. Make it colorful: Take a stroll down a tooth products aisle and you are sure to find the most colorful options that make tooth time fun. Pick your kid’s favorite cartoon or superhero toothpaste and get creative changing them every three months. Floss holders of various colors and design are sure to make flossing fun.

2. Make it rewarding: We are dealing with little minds who love to be rewarded for a job well done. Set short term goals and work towards them. High fives, sticker notes, point systems can really excite kids. They will look forward to tooth time with you.

3. Make it interesting: Tell your kids stories of how you learnt about teeth, brushing, flossing and dental care. Show them the right way to hold the brush, how many minutes to brush and make sure to tell them why.

4. Make it entertaining: When we adults need to be motivated to follow our oral hygiene routine diligently, why not kids? Bring in some music and dance, break the routine.

5. Time it: How to assure your child is brushing for 2 minutes? Get a bright colored hour glass, and let your kid flip it once they start brushing.

6. Books and videos: Show your kids fun videos on dental care and make them read books with interesting stories about oral hygiene.

7. Surprise visit to the Dentist: Regular check-ups are an important part of dental hygiene for the kids. Pair this visit with a family outing and make it exciting for your kid.


Celebrate oral care in your house, the kids’ way! Let your kids fall in love with dental care and flaunt their sparkling, strong teeth to all.