What if missing teeth are not replaced

Your teeth are vital to your livelihood; it is foolish to ignore the needs of your teeth. There isn’t a reason to hide missing teeth; instead there is every reason to address it and get it treated.

Still hiding your smile behind your missing teeth? Here are the consequences if missing teeth are ignored and not replaced:

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  1. Difficulty in chewing: Missing teeth restricts you from chewing food properly. Because you can’t chew properly, you will also have indigestion leading to several other health problems.
  2. Possible malnutrition: You may possibly have malnutrition or anemia because of your inability to chew foods with vital nutrients.
  3. Hampered speech: Your teeth are necessary for eating, speaking, communicating and smiling. When you have several missing teeth, it affects your speech. It makes it difficult for you to pronounce words in the right manner. Your phonetics is hampered and so is your speech.
  4. Weakening of remaining teeth: The remaining teeth do double work to fill in for the missing teeth. This way the remaining teeth also wear out and weaken, this may leave you with no teeth at all.
  5. Shifting of teeth: Teeth adjacent to and opposing the gaps left by missing teeth start shifting into the available space, leading to loss of contacts between teeth, which in turn lead to food lodgment and cavities. It also disturbs the existing occlusion, leading to major problems in the future.
  6. Embarrassment and confidence issues: Missing teeth will make you hide your smile all the time. Hampered speech leads to embarrassment. This may lead to low self confidence and may hamper your social life.
  7. Bone loss: The major consequence of not replacing your missing teeth is bone loss. By not replacing missing teeth, jawbones  begin to recede over time, resulting in irreversible in your facial structure and appearance.

We hope you are alert and aware now! Visit your dentist regularly and take timely action. If you have  missing teeth, it’s not too late, act now! We are happy to help you at ‘The Dental Spa’. We strive to make you smile!