Understanding Dental Implants


Single or multiple missing teeth can be replaced in different ways. However, dental science has evolved over the years providing us with more sophisticated solutions to obtain better and long term results.Yes, dental implants are what we are referring to!

Before getting a dental implant, you need to understand dental implants in depth.


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What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed strategically into your jawbone to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.


Single Tooth Replacement

A single missing tooth in the oral cavity leads to an imbalance in the harmonious oral environment by allowing adjacent and opposing teeth to shift.Getting this tooth replaced before it becomes the cause of disharmony not only restores your chewing efficiency, but also helps to preserve the underlying bone and adjacent healthy teeth.


Implant Supported Fixed Prosthesis

This is one of the best alternatives to dentures. The fixed bridge looks and feels like real teeth, improving the appearance of your smile.

They can replace everything you have lost-from a beautiful smile, to the ability to eat what you want!


Stabilise Your Dentures with implants – yet they are removable

Unstable dentures tend to move in your mouth, causing inconvenience while eating or talking. Get your implant supported overdentures fixed to improve your chewing efficiency and speech and increase your level of comfort and confidence.


CT Guided Implants

A CT guided implant surgery is enabled by the use of the patient’s CT images to plan implant surgery through a computer software.

CT guided implant placement makes sure that the surgery is accurate, bloodless and sutureless; thus enabling a more comfortable and pleasant surgical experience for the patient.


Dental implants are regarded as the best for replacing missing teeth due to their benefits of preserving the jawbone and gums and the integrity of other natural healthy teeth.

Make the right decision, choose dental implants for missing teeth!

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