Why must you treat your kid’s milk teeth?

Taking good care of your child’s milk teeth is very crucial. Milk teeth do eventually fall out, but until they do, they play a significant role.

You need to take care of your child’s milk teeth, right from brushing their first tooth to their first trip to the dentist. A regular teeth-cleaning and topical fluoride application routine is very essential for good dental health.




Here’s why you must treat your kids milk teeth:

Functions of Milk Teeth:

  1. Development of Speech:

The proper positioning of milk teeth facilitates correct syllable pronunciation. Clear speech is crucial for cognitive, social, emotional and intellectual development.

  1. Growth & Nutrition:

Healthy primary teeth facilitate the child to chew his food properly. Children with severely decayed teeth have been found to suffer from dietary deficiencies, malnourishment and are often underweight; which in turn adversely affects the child’s mental and physical growth.

  1. Personality Development & Self-Confidence:

Healthy teeth and beautiful smiles  make social and professional interactions more pleasant & enjoyable; thereby having a positive impact on your life.

  1. Healthy Permanent Teeth:

The developing permanent tooth is growing directly under the milk tooth. If the decay in the milk tooth is extensive, then the multiplying bacteria can cause a dental abscess which can spread deep down to affect the developing permanent tooth. If the infection reaches deep down, then it will typically cause the permanent tooth to be structurally weak, malformed, stained and ugly.

If a milk tooth is decayed, it may be lost prematurely and then the affected permanent tooth  may be delayed in its eruption and may also be maligned.

Hence, it is vital to maintain and pamper all 20 milk teeth until the permanent teeth are ready to erupt. Permanent teeth begin to erupt from the age of 6-7 and stop at 11-13 years of age.


So, if your child has a decayed tooth, and it can be restored, or have a small crown put on, then do so. If the tooth decay progresses further then your child will have pain, and possibly a dental abscess or even a space infection. This infection proves dangerous for a young child, and will result in a traumatic dental experience.

If your child’s baby tooth requires an extraction, then it is best to have your dentist place a space maintainer. This will hold that space for the permanent tooth to erupt in the desired position. This will aid in preventing crowding of teeth and can also help avoid orthodontic treatment in the future. A milk tooth acts as a little puppet string that helps pull the permanent tooth into the right spot.

For years, teeth, and not just milk teeth, have not been given the respect that they deserve.

Your children are your responsibility, and so are their teeth. Take care of them!


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