Acidic Food like Cola Drinks can Harm your Teeth

cola and teeth

Sugar is not the only thing that can harm your teeth. In fact, there are plenty of other substances that slowly chip away at our smiles. One of the biggest offenders is acid. Maybe you have heard of acid erosion, but just in case you haven’t, we want you to know facts about how dietary choices affect our teeth.

How does acid affect teeth?

Most of us don’t know that acidic foods are also harmful to teeth. When acidic substances come in contact with teeth, they eat away outer protective layer of your teeth called enamel, causing dental erosion. Once enough enamel has been lost, your teeth become painfully sensitive to hot and cold and general chewing may be uncomfortable as well.

Which food can cause acid erosion?

Any food or liquid with a pH of less than 5.5 can demineralize teeth. All soft drinks and fruit juices rich in citric acid are harmful. Other examples are chewable vitamin C tablets, aspirin etc.

What should you do to prevent erosion?

Limit your consumption of juice and soft drinks,
If you love soda and/or juice, it’s ok to drink it in moderation, but make sure to rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

Why is acid erosion important?

Cavities can be filled, plaque can be brushed away, tartar can be removed, gum problems can be treated, but the loss of enamel cannot be reversed. Remember to think about that before you reach for a soda!